Announcement for the 25th anniversary of June Fourth

All to Surround the City, the 25th anniversary of June Fourth, Promoting the Formation of a new China with Constitutional Democracy

Announcement for the 25th anniversary of June Fourth, 1989 (“89” “64”) by the Participants of the 1989 Patriotic Democratic Movement

In 1989, with the goal of establishing a constitutional democratic China, we started and organized a patriotic democratic movement in Beijing, China. Our hope was to urge the political party in power, the Chinese Communist Party, for a comprehensive political reform, in order to allow every Chinese person not only share the opportunity and the benefits from economic development equally, but also let every Chinese citizen have dignity, freedom, human rights and personal safety! At that time, our ideal earned enthusiastic support by people nationwide, not only with their generous donations and passionate participation in the movement, but also with giving out their blood and lives to protect our safety during the movement! These facts all lead to this conclusion: the Ideal of the 1989 Democracy Movement is the Ideal of All Chinese People! However, on June Fourth, 1989, Deng Xiaoping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, crushed this patriotic democratic movement, with modern, high technology army troops equipped with tanks and machine guns.  This massacre killed the great ideal of all Chinese people for establishing social justice and a safe homeland!

After that bloody night in 1989, some people believed that Deng Xiaoping’s purpose was to maintain the stabilization of the society, and to ensure China a better economic development. Some people also believed that, if the participants in the movement could be more rational in 1989, Deng Xiaoping would not order the crackdown. But the ruling by the Chinese Communist Party for maintaining stabilization in nearly the past 25 years has proven that the June Fourth Crackdown was for building extreme corruption inside the communist party; Nowadays, by their violent ruling of the nation, the children or relatives of the June Forth killers have ravaged and suppressed the majority of Chinese people, and then became the richest and most powerful class of the society. They monopolize the success of the development and opportunities, as well as all the political, economical, cultural and social power.  However, it is the majority of Chinese people that have to pay for the enormous expenses and to suffer the bitter results from economical development driven by the tyranny. People are now living without any dignity, human rights or lawful rights. Chinese people even do not have any food or environmental safety, or property rights.

Today, after 25 years, more clearly than 1989 we realize that China should establish constitutional democracy, and such establishment must require ending the corrupted tyranny by the Chinese Communist Party. The problem China is facing right now is the problem to reestablish political order; to do this, solving the problem of the June Forth Massacre should be starting point.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of June Fourth Massacre; many Chinese people have been discussing the anniversary events in the upcoming year. Thus, as the participants in the 1989 democracy movement, we would like to announce our first action plan to all Chinese people worldwide, as well as international friends concerning the future of China, what we called the action of “all to surround the city”.  We hope by announcing the first action, we would inspire more and better ideas from more people.

Here we are calling on all Chinese people and people worldwide, all human rights organizations, on the day of June Forth, 2014, gather at the gates of local diplomatic missions of Chinese Communist Party (especially Embassy and Consulate-General), either in groups or individually, to achieve the effect of “all to surround the city” worldwide. Our goal is to eventually push the greatest pressure and shock from all over the world onto the Communist Party. In this way, we hope to bring together all the people worldwide that work on promoting constitutional democracy in China, and to stimulate the formation of a new China with constitutional democracy.

We will be announcing a more detailed proposal for this action on October 1st, 2013, the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. We will also release our guidelines, organizations and detailed schedules to the public on the New Year’s Day of 2014, the year of the 25th anniversary of June Fourth.

At the same time, we would also like to forecast that this is only the proposal for the first action. As the participants of the movement in 1989, right now we are working actively on the preparations for the anniversary events of June Fourth. Soon, we will release the announcement for the second and the third action, or even more following up.  The proposals for all these actions are now in preparation. Here we want to appeal again that memorizing June Fourth should not only be among us participants in 1989, it must be all Chinese people, and people all around the world. We are also eager for any suggestions related to the anniversary events from you, from all who are willing to see China be on its way to democracy. Also, we would like to see you be a part of the events next year.

Today, we are pursuing the justice killed by June Fourth Massacre, continuing the great ideal for constitutional democracy, the ideal embraced by Chinese people in 1989. More importantly, we are fighting for justice for all the victims before and after 1989, victims of the corrupted tyranny of Chinese Communist Party. Since the despots would not let people have safety, dignity and human rights, we must not allow these despots enjoy his peaceful life! Since Chinese citizens cannot use their generally recognized human rights to protest against the despotism on our own homeland, we will act in other places on earth, where we can use our rights to protest.

Let us all come into action, by “all to surround the city”, in memory of the 25th anniversary of June Fourth, promote the formation of a new China with constitutional democracy!



1989 Students overseas:  Wang Dan, Zhang Boli, Wang Chaohua, Xiang Xiaoji, Li jinjin, Li Hengqing, Wang Tiancheng, Liu Junguo, Pan Qiang, Jin Yan

1989 Participants overseas: Wang Juntao, Hu Ping, Wan Runnan, Zheng Yi, Chen Kuide, Lv Jinghua, Chen Pokong, Liu Nianchun, Wang Jinzhong, Xie Long

Representatives from Hong Kong organizations overseas: Yang Jinxia, Guan Zhuozhong, Xie Zhongzhi, Guan Shuyue, Zhou Shengkang